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Z-Pixel is a highly useful library written in VB.NET that, most notably, allows you to easily use layered windows in your managed project. Z-Pixel also contains numerous graphics-related features including alpha masks, rounded rectangles, shadows, and many bitmap-centered tools.

The Z-Pixel project is maintained and created by Z-Systems. The Z-Systems website also contains a Z-Pixel page.

Table of Contents


  • Layered window support (per-pixel alpha blended windows)
  • Child controls are drawn onto layered windows with optional auto updating
  • Generate rounded rectangles
  • Generate shadows for GraphicsPath objects
  • Apply bitmap alpha masks
  • Powerful abstract bitmap filter classes such as PixelBitmapFilter and MatrixBitmapFilter - just derive and code!
  • Fast image manipulation with the PixelBitmapFilter class
  • Many simple image utility function such as scale, rotate, and multiply alpha

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